Deportivo ClubAlaves shines as a symbol of steadfastness and passion. In our journey to discover their history and achievements, we will discover a story rich in victories and love of football. Let’s xoilac tv Start your journey to explore the fascinating world of Deportivo Club Alaves, where every match is a testament to dedication and the pursuit of glory.

Club overview Alaves


Alaves are a symbol of fan pride and loyalty

sport ClubAlaves, or simplyAlaves, is a famous Spanish football club, based in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of Álava province. Established in 1921,Alaves has gone through many events in its history, from periods of ups and downs to spectacular successes.

Home yard ofAlaves is Estadio Mendizorroza, located in the center of Vitoria-Gasteiz and with a capacity of about 20,000 people. This stadium has witnessed many dramatic and emotional matches, and is a place of memorable memoriesAlaves was created.

Alaves have achieved some remarkable achievements in their history, including reaching the final of the UEFA Cup in 2001, as they continued to challenge the likes of Liverpool and Inter Milan. Besides,Alaves has also won many championships and medals in domestic tournaments.

Under the guidance of talented coaches and with the efforts of the players, Alaves continues to assert its position in Spanish football. With fighting spirit and unrelenting passion, they have and continue to build a bright future for the club.

Alaves not just a football team, but also a symbol of fan pride and loyalty. They always fascinate and excite football lovers with emotional and dramatic matches on the field.

Development history of Alaves Club


Alaves have achieved some remarkable achievements in their history

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Alaves Club, or simplyAlaves, headquartered in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, Basque Country, Spain.SentencelostsetOkaywall established on July 1, 1920 with the original name Sport Friends Club. Currently,Alaves playing in the first division of La Liga since the 2016-2017 season. The color of the shirt on the fieldclub Alaves isshirtBlue and white stripes, blue shorts and white socks. The home ground is Mendizorroza stadium with a capacity of up to 19,840 seats and there are many other facilities located in Ibaia used for training purposes.

After more than a decade of formation and development,Alaves has appeared on the football map of Spain as well as the world. During the initial launch period,Alaves was the first club to win promotion from Segunda División to La Liga in 1929–30, but it only lasted three years. Although it started off smoothly, butAlaves then encountered many challenges and periods of instability.

The 1953-1995 season marked the spectacular return ofAlaves after a 42-year hiatus. In 1953–54, the team won first place in the Segunda División, opening the door again for future success.

Back at the top, in 2000–2001,Alaves reached the UEFA Cup final, even defeating Inter Milan, but then lost to Liverpool 4-5. However, this success is still a big step forward for the club.

On September 10, 2016, Alavis got their first win of the season back in La Liga when they beat Barcelona 2-1 at Camp Nou. From there, Alavishas had a successful run in its history, with reaching the 2017 Copa del Rey final and finishing 9th in La Liga among many other achievements.

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Alaves Club’s achievements

Alaves has made his markdeepsharpin the hearts of fans

Throughout its history, Alaves Club has achieved a number of significant achievements, which are testament to the efforts and talent of this team. Below are some of his notable achievementsAlaves:

  • Won promotion to La Liga (1929-1930):Alaves were the first club to win promotion from Segunda División to La Liga in the 1929-1930 season, opening a new chapter in their history.
  • Highest position in La Liga (1999-2000):Alaves had an impressive season, reaching 6th place in La Liga in the 1999-2000 season, opening the door for great ambitions in the future.
  • Reached the UEFA Cup final (2000-2001): During this season,Alaves made his name in football history when he reached the UEFA Cup final, after overcoming many strong opponents.
  • Reached the Copa del Rey final (2016-2017):Alaves had an impressive season when reaching the final of the Copa del Rey, proving the strength and development of the team.
  • Victory over Barcelona (2016): The 2-1 win over Barcelona at Camp Nou in 2016 is one of Barcelona’s memorable records.Alaves, proving their competitiveness against major competitors.


Alaves Club has proven its strength and consistency in Spanish football and around the world. From remarkable achievements to historic victories against strong opponents, Alaves has made its mark in the hearts of fans. With impressive stories and achievements, Alaves Club promises to continue to bring memorable matches and intense emotions to fans in the future. Let’s xoilactv live football today to follow and support my journeyAlaves On the field.

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