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The 5 Funniest Football Moments

The 5 Funniest Football Moments of All Time

‌Modern football is a serious business, with millions upon millions of pounds on the line for successful clubs, as well as the glory of trophies. However, there’s a lighter side to football that many of us enjoy, and it’s...
Liverpool vs Arsenal

Champions League: Liverpool vs Bayern Munich most likely last-16 tie

Liverpool have almost a 40 per cent chance of drawing Bayern Munich in the Champions League last-16 - with one of the English clubs likely to get Inter Milan. A calculation of probabilities for each pairing in Monday's draw shows...
Online Football Betting

Online Football Betting – What You Need To Know?

Online Football Betting – What You Need To Know: One of the most popular trends in the sports industry is definitely the concept of sports betting. This is the case just because there are a number of people from...
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