The introduction of semi-automatic offside detection technology will help check whether the player is in an offside position or not. Because it is a product of technology, it proves to be very effective, at least compared to the traditional offside catch method. Together mitom learn cWhat is semi-automatic offside detection technology? Go through the article below.

1. General understanding of what semi-automatic offside detection technology is?

offside detection

CWhat is the semi-automatic offside detection technology and what is interesting about it?

SAOT semi-automatic offside detection technology is a system that supports referees in determining offside situations more quickly and accurately. It uses a combination of specialized cameras, AI and sensors in the ball to track the position of the player and the ball on the field.

Normally, 12 specialized cameras are installed under the stadium dome to monitor the movement of the ball and players. AI artificial intelligence uses algorithms to analyze images from cameras, determining the position of each player and the ball in each moment. The sensor in the ball helps determine the exact position of the ball when moving on the field.

When a situation arises, the SAOT system will automatically calculate whether the attacking players are offside or not based on information collected from cameras and sensors. Then, the system will send a signal to the VAR referee team for them to review and make the final decision.

Semi-automatic offside detection technology generally helps referees make offside decisions faster and more accurately than traditional methods. In addition, errors due to human factors in determining offside are limited, thereby ensuring fairness for all teams.

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2. How will semi-automatic offside detection technology work?

Semi-automatic offside detection technology works quite complicated

First is data collection, 12 specialized cameras: installed under the stadium dome with high resolution, can rotate 360 ​​degrees and collect images at 50 frames per second. Sensors in the ball record the exact position of the ball in 3D space at a rate of 500 times per second.

Next is data processing, artificial intelligence uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze images from the camera, determining the position of each player and the ball in each moment. The AI ​​system will create a 3D model of the stadium and the positions of all players and balls in real time.

Next is to determine offside, the system will compare the position of the attacking player at the time the ball is passed with the position of the last defender of the defending team. If the attacking player is in front of the last defender when the ball is passed, that player is offside.

When there is a potential offside situation, the SAOT system will automatically send a signal to the VAR referee team so they can review the situation. The VAR referee will have access to slow-motion video from a variety of angles, as well as player and ball position data collected by the SAOT system.

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After careful review, the VAR referee will make the final decision on whether to blow for offside or not. Thus, the semi-automatic offside catching technology works in a relatively complicated way, not everyone can understand it.

3. Some other points about semi-automatic offside detection technology

Offside detection

Semi-automatic offside detection technology is being applied in many tournaments

The 2022 World Cup is the first time SAOT has been applied at a World Cup and received high praise from experts and fans. At the 2023 Asian Cup, the Asian Football Confederation AFC also applied SAOT and gave many high results.

Some club-level tournaments are also applying semi-automatic offside detection technology, such as the Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga,… As for the V League, it may be quite a while before it is deployed. declare.

Semi-automatic offside detection technology also has many disadvantages, such as high cost, expensive installation and operation of the system. Also it depends on the technology, the system can be affected by technical factors such as camera problems or software errors.

The use of technology in football still has many mixed opinions, some people think that it loses the appeal of the game. This may be true and it is happening with VAR.

Hopefully, after the above article, you will know what semi-automatic offside detection technology is. To gain more general knowledge, please visit mitom tv Please.

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