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The English Premier League has been filled with thrills, suspense, and twists since the competition began in August 2023. We’ve witnessed Manchester City fall behind Aston Villa and Arsenal go from excellent form to something inconsistent. Everton, who was in the relegation zone weeks ago, have barely worked their way out, currently sitting at number 17 on the table.

Chelsea has finally moved a spot up from number ten following three consecutive wins after a defeat in the 18th week. As of the twenty-first week in the Premier League, Liverpool, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Arsenal, and Tottenham sit in the top five positions of the league. The Twenty-first week did not hold much surprise for us, with the big team dominating the smaller ones. Chelsea won 1 – 0 against Fulham, and Manchester City gave a stunning performance, resulting in a 3 – 2 win against Newcastle. We also witnessed draws, including a 1 – 1 between Luton Town and Burnley, a 0 – 0 between Everton and Aston Villa, and a 2 – 2 between Manchester United and Tottenham.

 For this coming Twenty-second week, we have a good lineup of matches. Fans are particularly anticipating the coming match between Liverpool and Chelsea. We’ve analysed these coming matches and made predictions to help you bet productively. You can find on this site comprehensive and detailed football betting tips and our long history of accurate predictions. The following headings highlight and discuss the coming matches of the twenty-second week of the EPL 2023/24.

Nottingham Forest Vs. Arsenal

Nottingham Forest has had more losses than wins this season compared to fourteen other teams. They sit at the bottom five of the EPL table, with five wins, five draws, and ten losses as of the twentieth week. Although with a poor run, their wins and draws have been against big teams, such as a 2 – 1 win against Manchester United, a 3 – 1 win against Newcastle United, and a 2 – 0 win against Aston Villa. However, we do not think they’re in the best form to pull a win or draw against a team like Arsenal.

In the past couple of weeks, Arsenal seemed to have dropped the ball, losing 2 -1 to Fulham, 2 – 0 to West Ham, and drawing 1 – 1 to Liverpool. Regardless, we predict Arsenal will bounce back with this match against Nottingham Forest. Our betting analysis predicts a win of at least two goals, so you should bet accordingly.

Luton Town Vs. Brighton

Luton Town is one of the teams that has been in the relegation zone virtually throughout the competition. They’re a small team that is yet to master and match the plays and dynamics of bigger teams in the league. Out of twenty matches, Luton Town has won four, lost four, and drawn 12. Compared to Brighton Hove & Albion, Luton Town is certainly no match. As of the twentieth week, Brighton sat at the eighth position of the table, with eight wins, seven draws, and five losses.

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Brighton is one of the league’s favourite underdog teams who we’re sure will deliver in this coming match. We predict a win of at least two goals from Brighton.

Fulham Vs. Everton

Before the deduction of points from Everton for violating the rules of the EPL, the team had performed poorly against big and small teams. However, in their bid to work their way out of relegation, they’ve come with good wins against Burnley, Newcastle, Nottingham Forest, and Crystal Palace. Currently, they have eight wins out of twenty-one matches compared to Fulham’s seven.

Fulham’s chances of winning this match against Everton are slim, so we predict a draw between the two teams. However, at any point, either team can snatch the win from the littlest motivation or error during the match.

Premier League

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Crystal Palace Vs. Sheffield United

Crystal Palace hasn’t had a great season, with only five wins recorded out of twenty matches played. However, they still have a better record compared to Sheffield United. Sheffield United sits at the bottom of the English Premier League table with only two wins to their name this season. Sheffield has won two games, drawn three, and lost fifteen matches. By all indications, they’re going to be relegated this season and even more with their upcoming matches.

Our predictions put Crystal Palace in a better position to win this match. Place your straight-win bets on Crystal Palace, and if you want to bet for more returns, stake on a market of over 1.5 or 2.5.

Aston Villa Vs. Newcastle

Aston Villa has been full of surprises this season, sitting in the top four spots for several weeks now. As of the twenty-first week, Aston Villa sits at number three on the table, with thirteen wins, four draws, and four losses. Their opponent, Newcastle, sits at number ten on the table, with only nine wins recorded this season. The Aston Villa team is of better form and motivation than Newcastle, and we expect a straight win from the former. However, it’ll be a hard-fought victory, as Newcastle won’t go down without a good fight.

Manchester City Vs. Burnley

Before the New Year, Manchester seemed to lose their spur, dropping as low as the fourth position on the table. However, the new year came with better vigour with the return of Kevin De Bruyne. In their last match against Newcastle, they were down 2 – 1 in the second half before Kevin De Bruyne changed the momentum of the game and delivered a 3 – 2 win to Manchester City within 20 minutes. Manchester City are back as an unstoppable force, and we’re thrilled to see them in action again for the twenty-first week. Burnley stands no chance against Manchester City, sitting at number 19 on the League table. We predict a win of at least three goals for Manchester City.

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Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Brentford

Tottenham Hotspur is one of the teams that has shown they deserve to be in the top spots of the EPL table this season. Of the twenty-one matches played so far in the competition, Tottenham has won twelve, drawn four, and lost five. They currently sit at number five on the league’s table. On the other hand, Brentford has had a poor run, sitting in the bottom five spots in the league.

The upcoming match is an easy win for Tottenham Hotspur. We expect a straight win with at least two goals from Tottenham. Hence, be sure to stake accordingly.

Liverpool Vs. Chelsea

This is an over 1.5 game for bettors, as it’s sure both teams will score at least one goal. It’s quite trivial to say outright what team will win, so you should focus more on betting options than a straight win. However, our predictions give Liverpool a narrow win or, at best, a draw. Chelsea is seemingly in form, winning five out of the last six games. Liverpool, on the other hand, sits at the top of the table, with only one loss since the beginning of the competition. We’d expect they’d want to keep their winning streak, hence the win or draw prediction.

Premier League

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West Ham Vs. Bournemouth

Solanke won the best player of December in the Premier League for Bournemouth and has caught the attention of West Ham for months now. Bournemouth has been on a good streak, losing only one game in their past eight matches. West Ham also has the same streak with two draws. This match will be a battle of wills, and we’re expecting goals from both teams.

Your safest bet is over 1.5, and if you’re more daring in your bets, go for an over 2.5 betting market. With Bournemouth’s current motivation, it’ll be a hard-fought victory for West Ham if they win.

Wolves Vs. Manchester United

The presence of Mario Lemina in Wolves’ past few games has greatly influenced their quality of play. In the past three matches, they’ve won with at least two goals and seem to be highly motivated against big teams. On the other hand, Manchester United has been inconsistent in form, drawing 2 – 2 with Tottenham, losing 2 – 1 to Nottingham Forest, winning 3 – 2 to West Ham, and losing 2 – 0 to West Ham in the past weeks. With this inconsistent record, we predict a narrow win for Wolves against Manchester United.


These are our football betting predictions for the twenty-second week of the EPL. Be sure to check back for subsequent weeks of the remaining season of the EPL 2023/24.

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