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Underdog is a common term in 188BET sport betting at online bookies. Knowing what is an underdog will help bettors place their bet wisely.

In most sports betting on the 188BET online bookie will have a favorite and an underdog. And these two terms will also affect the odds given. Therefore, bettors need to read on to know what an underdog in sports betting on 188BET is.

What does an underdog mean in sports betting at 188BET?

Favorites and underdogs are two commonly used terms in sports betting on 188BET online bookie. In regular sports coverage, both phrases will undoubtedly be used, but practically every game is assigned a favorite and an underdog based on sports betting.

The team with the best odds is the favorite. An underdog is a squad that is not predicted to prevail. Simple as can be.

There are a few techniques to determine which side is the underdog in sports betting. When placing a moneyline wager, which is a wager on which team will win the game regardless of the final score, the team with the lower payout odds is the underdog. 

The Huskies would be the clear favorites if UConn women’s basketball faced Marquette. A little portion of a $10 moneyline wager on UConn’s win would be paid out. If Marquette, the underdog team, wins, the $10 would be returned several times over.

The team with the negative sign before the line is the favorite when there are spreads. The underdog is the club that has a plus sign before the line. If the spread, for instance, reads UConn -25, then UConn is the favorite and must win by a margin of 26 points in order to cover the spread. In terms of sports betting, UConn would be a 25-point favorite. Marquette would be the underdog by 25 points at +25.

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Underdogs in American odds betting

Every betting system presents favorites and underdogs in a unique way when it comes to odds. A plus sign indicates an underdog, and a minus sign indicates a favorite in American odds, exactly like with spreads. This applies to betting on the moneyline where the White Sox might have odds of -143 against the Tigers, who have odds of +123. 

This game favors the White Sox. Who is favored in the spread is determined only by the line; odds have no bearing. With odds of +107 and a runline of -1, the White Sox are the clear favorites. Despite having odds of -127, the Tigers are favored by one point on the runline, which is baseball’s equivalent of the point spread. 

Despite having negative odds on the runline wager, the Tigers are not the game’s favorite. By incorporating the runline, it follows that the Tigers are thought to have a somewhat higher chance of winning. In basketball or football betting on 188 BET, it’s quite typical for both bets on a spread to have negative odds. When determining who is the favorite and underdog, look to the line rather than the odds.

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Underdogs in decimal odds

The payout for a winning wager on a $1 wager is represented by the decimal odds as one number. If the odds are 6, for instance, a successful wager will net $5 in addition to the original $1 stake.

Underdog wagers will have decimal odds that are more than 2. The favorite bet is from 1 to 2, while the even money bet ranges from 2 to 1.

Underdogs in fractional odds

Favorite wagers will have fractional odds where the denominator is more than the numerator, such as 1-2 or 2-5. In underdog wagers, the numerator will be more than the denominator, as in the aforementioned examples. 

Futures betting frequently uses this. It’s feasible, or even likely, that all of the teams in NBA champion futures betting at the start of the season will have fractional odds with the numerator being greater than the denominator.

In that situation, the teams with the lowest rewards will be the favorites or favorites. For instance, a team receiving 2-1 odds rather than 10-1 odds is the favorite.


Here’s what you need to know about an underdog in sports betting on the 188BET online bookie. The above information will help you better understand when reading the odds tables to place the right bet.

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