The phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body” will never lose its relevance. In order to have a healthy body, it is not at all necessary to exhaust yourself with hourly workout or spend a lot of money. Much more important is regularity and awareness. In addition, you can do it absolutely free of charge and without even leaving your home.

Especially for the spring-summer season, we have selected the best sites and a couple of the best free apps that will help you improve your health and become slimmer. On these sites you can create your own training program online.

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Free Trainers

This site contains eight programs for people with completely different levels of training and goals. It’s quite easy to decide what suits you best: cardio training for quick weight loss and increasing endurance and overall tone, building muscle mass and strength, training with auxiliary elements like an expander or a fitness ball, circuit training. All you need is to register to see all possible programs in your personal account.

Before the actual start of training, it is proposed to create a personal schedule and select an individual load. First, you mark your level of physical fitness and the planned exercise regime – then the finished plan is loaded into your personal calendar.

The program involves two options for exercises – you can choose one of them, do both in turn, or change them depending on your mood. Any of the exercises is accompanied by a sign indicating the muscles involved, the rules for performing and a photograph or GIF file. If this is not enough for understanding, you can copy the name and find a bunch of videos on YouTube. There is also the opportunity to create your own group, forming it according to any desired feature, invite friends there and study together online.

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This site is perfect for those who want to deal with their own weight. Here are workouts for different muscle groups and with different durations. Separately, it is worth highlighting the large program “100-day workout”, which consists of blocks: workouts for every day, technique, nutrition, breathing, stretching exercises and many more useful things. There are also many training videos on the site about training and proper technique. For example, how to build shoulders or how to learn to squat on one leg.

Muscle & Strength

The site provides a variety of workouts for any goal (gain mass, increase endurance) and level of training. In the description of each program, you can specify the goal, equipment and regularity of training. Conveniently, if the exercise plan suits you, it can be downloaded as a PDF. The training is accompanied by a description and a video in which the trainers show how to properly perform a particular exercise. A separate bonus is the opportunity on the same site to choose a balanced diet for yourself in order to increase the result of training.


This site is suitable for those who like to do high-intensity workouts. In simple words, this is a short, but very intense workout, in which the period of maximum load alternates with rest. The site contains a generator that helps you create an exercise program that is right for you. Also, if you do not want to bother with the choice of exercises, the site has an interesting feature – a generator of random workouts. By selecting it, you get a random set of exercises. Please note that some exercises from this site (for example, kettlebell swings) are best performed under the supervision of a trainer to avoid injury.

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The site offers hundreds of different exercises and workouts that you can do right away – without registering and filling out questionnaires. A convenient search will help you find the right exercises: for a specific muscle group, with or without equipment, by difficulty level. Each exercise is accompanied by a video instruction, which is good in that it demonstrates the correct technique, as well as showing the remaining time and the number of calories burned.

The lesson itself is a specially recorded video that clearly demonstrates the technique of performing the exercises. I am very pleased that next to it there is a countdown of the elapsed and remaining time, a calorie counter is displayed, the next exercise is demonstrated, and so on. In a word, this video does not differ too much from specialized fitness applications in terms of functionality.

Darebee Workouts

This site is suitable for those who do not want to look at the computer or phone while exercising. Here you can find a workout to your taste, for example, yoga in 30 days or crossfit for 12 weeks, and print out its illustrated program. One page, one day. In total, there are about 80 separate sets of exercises on the site, so everyone can create a training program online for free.

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