How to Bet on English Premier League Matches

Betting on English Premier League (EPL) matches has gained immense popularity in the United States, including Ohio. With soccer’s increasing fan base and the legalization of sports betting in the state, Ohioans now have an exciting opportunity to engage in English Premier League betting. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to bet on English Premier League matches in Ohio, share tips for success, and explore the various platforms available for your betting experience.

Understanding the Legal Framework

Before delving into the world of EPL betting in Ohio, it’s essential to understand the legal framework surrounding sports betting in the state. In May 2021, Ohio’s Senate passed a bill legalizing sports betting, with the provision that wagers could be placed both online and in person at casinos, racinos, and other approved locations. This bill went into effect on January 1st, 2023.

Choosing the Right Betting Platform

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable betting experience, it’s crucial to choose a reliable and trustworthy betting platform. Many online sportsbooks and casinos in Ohio offer EPL betting. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a platform:

  • Reputation: Research the platform’s reputation to ensure it is well-regarded and trustworthy.
  • Licensing: Confirm that the platform is licensed and regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission.
  • User Interface: A user-friendly and intuitive interface will make your betting experience more enjoyable.
  • Payment Options: Ensure the platform supports your preferred payment methods, such as credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.
  • Customer Support: Responsive and helpful customer support is essential in case you encounter any issues.
  • PromotionsOhio sports betting promos are available on multiple platforms that you can use to increase your returns on winnings. Hence, keeping a lookout for these promotions is recommended while choosing a platform.

Signing Up for an Account

Once you’ve chosen a platform, the next step is to create an account. This process typically involves providing personal information, such as your name, address, email, and phone number. Additionally, you may need to provide proof of identity and age to comply with the legal gambling age requirement of 21.

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Making a Deposit

After creating an account, you’ll need to deposit funds to start betting. Explore the platform’s banking section to find the available deposit methods, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Remember to check for any deposit fees and processing times, as these may vary between platforms.

Understanding EPL Betting Markets

Before placing your bets, familiarize yourself with the various EPL betting markets available. Some of the most popular markets include:

  • Match Result: Predict the outcome of a match (home win, draw, or away win).
  • Over/Under Goals: Bet on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be above or below a specified number.
  • Both Teams to Score: Wager on whether both teams will score at least one goal.
  • Correct Score: Predict the exact final score of a match.
  • First Goalscorer: Bet on which player will score the first goal.

Researching and Placing Bets

Successful EPL betting requires research and informed decision-making. Some factors to consider when making your bets include:

  • Team Form: Analyze the recent performance of each team to gauge their current form.
  • Head-to-Head History: Examine the results of previous encounters between the teams to identify patterns and trends.
  • Injuries and Suspensions: Stay updated on key player absences, as these can significantly impact a team’s performance.
  • Home and Away Records: Some teams perform better at home or away, so consider this when placing your bets.

Once you’ve done your research, navigate to the platform’s EPL section, select the match you’d like to bet on, choose your preferred betting market, and enter your stake. Be sure to double-check your bet slip before submitting your wager.

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Live Betting and Streaming

Many sportsbooks offer live betting, allowing you to place wagers during an ongoing match. This can be an exciting way to engage with EPL action and take advantage of shifting odds based on in-game events. Additionally, some platforms provide live streaming of matches, enabling you to watch the games and make more informed betting decisions in real-time.

Cashing Out Your Bets

Some betting platforms offer a cash-out feature, which allows you to secure a profit or minimize losses by closing your bet before the match concludes. This can be particularly useful when your bet is winning but the match’s outcome is still uncertain. Keep in mind that cashing out typically results in lower returns than if you let the bet run its course.

Withdrawing Your Winnings

When you’re ready to collect your winnings, visit the platform’s banking section and select the withdrawal option. Choose your preferred method and follow the instructions provided. Be aware that withdrawal processing times and fees may vary depending on the platform and the method you choose.

Responsible Gambling

It’s essential to practice responsible gambling when betting on EPL matches in Ohio. Set limits for yourself regarding time and money spent on betting, and never chase losses. If you feel your gambling habits are becoming problematic, seek help from organizations like the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline.


Betting on EPL matches in Ohio can be an exciting and potentially lucrative pastime when approached responsibly and strategically. By understanding the legal landscape, choosing a reliable platform, researching your bets, and adhering to responsible gambling practices, you can enhance your EPL betting experience and potentially increase your chances of success. Happy betting!

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