The bookmaker giving away money is the top choice of people who love betting and exchanging rewards. Because at these playgrounds, you can get gifts right from the account registration step. At the same time, easily use that bonus to explore the brand’s attractive game store and betting services. So where is the reputable money giving playground? Let’s explore the top 10 most prominent names with game đánh bài đổi thưởng.

What is a house giving money?

A bookmaker that donates money is simply understood as a business operating in the field of betting. These are units that have been organized on a large scale and work according to safety and transparency criteria. Furthermore, they always protect the rights of players in accordance with current legal regulations. 

In particular, in addition to respecting players and paying full rewards when winning, these bookmakers also have attractive promotions for those who register for new member accounts. This means that as soon as you create an account, you have the opportunity to receive attractive promotions from the brand. At the same time, you can use that initial bonus in countless interesting games and betting services. 

In general, if you are new to the world of reward betting, you should look for bookmakers that give money to first-time subscribers. Because at this time, you can use the brand’s bonus to get acquainted and determine if the playground is really suitable. The game store and services they are providing are attractive enough.


The dealer giving away money will help make your bonus journey more interesting

Reasons to have fun at a bookmaker that offers money 

The keyword nhà cái tặng tiền is searched by many people. The reason is because entertainment at these playgrounds is bringing many practical benefits such as: 

  • For new players, finding a unit with a bookmaker giving away money is extremely necessary. Because you can use the capital provided by the brand to get acquainted and better understand the operating process as well as the product inventory and compensation mechanism. 
  • Brands that donate money will help you have initial investment capital to comfortably explore the products and services that you are interested in. Even with just the amount of money given by the house, many people have won extremely attractive bonuses. 
  • Units that donate money upon registration and have many member appreciation programs often possess strong financial potential. Therefore, if you participate in the game and win, you can rest assured about your rights to receive rewards. Even if you win billions of dong, the system will calculate and disburse money quickly.
  • Bookies that give away money from the registration step often have many other attractive incentives and promotions. You can get gifts from these programs to comfortably play games.


Registering a house account will give you the opportunity to receive attractive rewards

Top 10 most prestigious money giving bookmakers in 2024

The bookmaker giving away money is the top choice of many players. However, to have an enjoyable experience and feel secure about withdrawing prizes after winning, you need to find reputable units. Especially brands that are highly appreciated by many bettors such as:


The first name in the list of money-giving bookmakers that many players trust and choose is HI88. This is a bookmaker with a legal business license issued by the Philippine Government. At the same time, it is still operating under the strict management and supervision of reputable international organizations. 

Furthermore, when you create a member account on the system, you will immediately receive a welcome gift worth 58k. You can also participate in many valuable incentive programs and promotions. For example, a new member mission challenge gives 188k, a deposit bonus up to 8,888,000 VND. 

Even depending on the selected product group, you can participate in many different reward programs. All have clear rules for members to easily register, immediately receive gifts and freely use them in the brand’s exciting games.

Hi88 also has a team of well-trained experts and consultants. These are staff members who are always willing to answer concerns and questions to make the entertainment process on your system more convenient and comfortable. 


HI88 is a leading reputable money giving house


Jun88 is also a name that is often on the list of reputable, recommended money giving bookmakers. This is a brand providing online betting services established in 2010 with rich operating experience. Furthermore, the brand is being managed by the powerful entertainment group MAN Entertainment Group. 

Therefore, after visiting and participating in the game, you will definitely be impressed with the diverse store of products and services. At the same time, have a comfortable experience because of the professional operating process and transparent compensation mechanism. 

The brand is having a series of high-value reward programs for members. For those who register for the first time, you can immediately receive a free reward of up to 58k. When depositing money for the first time, bettors also have the opportunity to receive gifts up to 28,888,000 VND.

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789bet is a betting service business platform established in 2007. This betting house is receiving certification from two prestigious international organizations: Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Port and GEOTRUST .

To achieve that certification, the brand has put in a lot of effort. They have joined hands with famous game publishers around the world to bring high quality products and services. Furthermore, the brand also pays great attention to thanking members who have trusted the quality product system that 789bet is providing. 

Specifically, as soon as you download the app and register, you will receive up to 88k as a welcome bonus. During the game, you also have the opportunity to receive rewards from many promotions, especially the extremely attractive exclusive VIP program.

Overall, the legal business license and attractive registration bonus are the reasons many people choose 789bet. But once you become a member, you also have the opportunity to receive rewards from many other hot incentive programs and promotions. You also get dedicated support so you can comfortably play the game and hunt for high-value rewards.


If you are looking for a bookmaker that gives away money, you cannot ignore 789bet


The next name in the list of top 10 reputable money giving bookmakers is MB66. This is a brand that has received many positive reviews from players thanks to a series of outstanding advantages. From the eye-catching interface, simple and flexible deposit and withdrawal process to quality support service. 

Furthermore, the brand also has many promotions for gaming participants. In particular, if you are a new player, you can receive an experience gift of 66k. In addition, the house also launches many bonus programs, refunds, and promotions when betting so members can comfortably receive gifts.


If you are looking for a bookmaker to give away money, 8XBET will not disappoint you. Because this is also a bookmaker with many years of experience operating with a series of attractive incentives and promotions for members. 

Specifically, the bookmaker was established in 2011 and has successfully obtained a business license from two leading management organizations, Asia Booking and Curacao. Furthermore, during operation, the playground always impresses bettors with its professional process and extremely green, fast payout mechanism. 

The brand also owns a scientifically designed interface with sharp images to create an interesting experience for gaming participants. As for the promotion system, those who register an account will receive a meeting gift ranging from 20k to 6 million VND (bonus depends on deposit amount).

8X BET offers its subscribers an attractive welcome bonus


If you are looking for a bookmaker to give away money, not mentioning SHBET will be a huge omission. Because this is also a brand that offers participants a series of attractive incentive programs. Furthermore, the house also has a diverse game store for members to freely choose from. 

You can entertain yourself with Casino games, Po Hu, Fish Shooting, Cock Fighting or Card Games, Sports, Lottery. Each betting game is designed by a team of talented experts. They all have outstanding quality with strict rules to ensure participants will receive rewards in accordance with their prediction and gaming abilities. 

Furthermore, as soon as you register an account on the SHBET system, you will receive 59k experience. Members returning to the brand also receive a maximum welcome gift of up to 12,888 points.


New88 is a place that brings unlimited emotions and opportunities to receive rewards for members. Specifically, this money-giving bookmaker soon obtained a legal business license from the Philippine Government – a country with an extremely developed online betting industry. At the same time, there is a transparent and strict set of regulations, conditions and terms to ensure the rights of all those who register for an account and participate in playing games on the system. 

In particular, not only does it ensure members’ benefits, the brand also has many incentive and gratitude programs for players. In particular, if you register an account for the first time, you will receive 58k for free to get acquainted with the operation process and interesting games of the house.

New88 is a reputable money giving house, chosen by many bettors


TA88 has met the extremely strict requirements of Electra Works Limited and is protected by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. This bonus bookmaker is bringing players extremely interesting games. What’s more, it’s all organized on a user-friendly online platform. Therefore, even if it is your first visit, you can easily search and select the game you want to experience or the menu function you need to use.

In particular, those who are participating in playing games on the system have the opportunity to receive attractive gifts. Even if you successfully register for an account for the first time, you can immediately receive a free code worth 50k. During the entertainment process, you can also receive a 100% bonus for the first deposit, a 20% bonus every Friday, and receive great gifts when becoming a VIP member,…

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BK8 is providing a diverse entertainment system for members. Specifically, you can participate in Sports betting or play Casino games, Fish Shooting, Jackpot, 3D Card Games, Lottery, etc. All of these games have gone through a rigorous evaluation and selection process. . They all have clear rules and transparent compensation mechanisms.

Furthermore, no matter what game you like, you can easily register an account on the BK8 system. Even with valid registration requirements, you will also receive a hot bonus of 288% up to 18 million VND. In addition, people who deposit money, download the app or make betting decisions on the system also have the opportunity to receive gifts from many other attractive promotions.

If you are looking for a reputable house that gives money away, come to BK8


W88 is also a money giving house trusted by many players. The brand was born in 2016 and has quickly developed strongly in the betting industry in Asia. The proof is that the unit has continuously supplemented its inventory of products and services to please its members. Even updating more entertainment products to suit the tastes of Vietnamese bettors such as high-paying Lottery groups.

In general, no matter what game or betting service you like, you can register an account and find the right product to participate in entertainment. Furthermore, if you are a new member, you also have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus of up to 6,150,000 VND (applies to product groups of Sports, Fish Shooting, Lottery,…).

Instructions on how to get rewards at bookmakers that give away money

In addition to the top 10 bookmakers that give away money recommended by many bettors, you also need to know how to get rewards. Because if a brand has a giveaway program but you don’t know how to get it, it will be a waste of opportunity. So how to get gifts from promotions for new players registering an account for the first time? Please follow the 4-step instructions we list below: 

  • Step 1: You must choose 1 of the 10 reputable playgrounds above. Then, find the brand’s official access link to open the betting interface. 
  • Step 2: On the main interface, click on the “Offers” or “Promotions” section (category names may vary depending on the brand) to see the list of reward programs. In particular, we focus on the program to give money to people who register for the first time. 
  • Step 3: Carefully study the program content to know general information, rules, how to participate and reward mechanism. You also have to pay attention to the duration of the program because some newbie promotions are time-limited.
  • Step 4: Register an account and follow the program’s requirements to receive gifts. For example, some bookmakers require registrants to immediately contact customer service staff, etc.

To get rewards at bookmakers that offer money, you need to register an account

Be careful when entertaining at bookies that give away money

You can quickly get welcome gifts at bookies that give away money. At the same time, feel free to use them in all of the brand’s interesting games and betting services. But to make the process of getting and using it go smoothly, keep in mind a few important notes such as:

  • Please research the program carefully before registering to participate. This will help you know how to get the reward correctly, avoiding missing the opportunity.
  • In addition to instructions for claiming rewards, you also need to pay attention to withdrawal conditions. Because if this condition is not met, no matter how much you win, you cannot transfer them to your bank card.
  • In addition to gifts for those who have just successfully registered, reputable bookmakers also have many other attractive incentive programs and promotions. For example, first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, refund program, promotions in specific product groups, etc. You can consider getting more gifts from these offers. 
  • During the process of receiving and using bonuses from the bookmaker, if you have any concerns or questions, you should proactively contact the online customer service team. Because the brand’s staff will consider consulting and supporting you in the best way.


If you are wondering about bookmakers giving away money, the information in our article above will definitely help you. Please research carefully to find a “stop” that suits your entertainment needs. Hope you have enjoyable moments of entertainment and make good use of the bonus money when registering a betting account!

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