The 5 Funniest Football Moments

‌Modern football is a serious business, with millions upon millions of pounds on the line for successful clubs, as well as the glory of trophies. However, there’s a lighter side to football that many of us enjoy, and it’s important to remember that it’s just a game and to enjoy the funny moments when they come along. To help with that cause, we’ll be looking at the five funniest football moments of all time.

Michy Batshuayi’s epic celebration 

‌The first moment we’ll be looking at is Michy Batshuayi’s epic fail of a goal celebration. Batshuayi was playing for Belgium in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and had just scored against Belgium’s closest rivals in the group – England. Obviously pleased with himself, Batshuayi attempted to slam the ball into the net in celebration, but ended up hitting the post, causing the ball to ricochet back and smack him square in the face! The clip became a viral hit on Twitter, but the red-faced Batshuayi had the last laugh as Belgium won the game.

Choupo Moting saves PSG goal

‌We know what you’re thinking, and no, Choupo Moting wasn’t playing against PSG; he was playing up front for PSG! The striker followed in on a shot from his teammate, which looked to be heading into the net, before deciding he’d take the goal for himself. Just as the ball was about to cross the line, Choupo Moting got a touch on the ball, which ended up diverting it onto the post and out! Mbappe on the bench couldn’t believe what he had seen, and his reaction was the reaction of everyone watching – disbelief.

Pepe Reina’s beach ball nightmare 

‌There are some things in football you can’t control when making your game plan, and this is certainly one of them! Liverpool were looking to bounce back from a slow start to the season with a win against overachieving Sunderland but went 1-0 within five minutes thanks to a freak goal. A Liverpool-branded beach ball made its way onto the pitch, and Darren Bent hit the beach ball and deflected past the helpless Pepe Reina. This would go on to be the only goal of the match as Sunderland became 1-0 winners.

Jose Mourinho prefers not to speak

‌Jose Mourinho is a man who’s never short of a few words, so for him to come out in a press conference and say that he would prefer not to speak was surprising for everyone! After his Chelsea side suffered a shocking defeat to Aston Villa, Mourinho was asked about the quality of the officials in the match – something he had previously been vocal on. However, perhaps after being warned by the club not to speak out against the officials, Mourinho said that he’d “prefer not to speak,” a line which became an instant meme.

Chris Brass scores own goal

‌Brass has the unenviable title of scoring arguably the funniest own goal of all time. In a league match against Bury, Brass was attempting to deal with a ball over the top of the defence. Facing his own goal, he decided he would try to kick the ball back over his own head. However, Brass ended up kicking the ball into his face, breaking his nose and scoring an own goal in the process. It would end up being the decisive goal in the game, as Darlington lost 3-2.


These are just some of the funniest football moments you’ll find; there are many others to see online, including a confused referee or Fernando Torres missing an open goal. People find all sorts of things entertaining on the internet, whether it’s watching funny football videos, playing casino games such as Jumanji online Slot, or browsing their favourite Reddit threads. There’s so much to discover, including plenty more funny football moments, so check them out for yourself!

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